La Vida Buena Acres

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La Vida Buena Acres

Ranchers, Shanna and Ricardo Romanillos.


Pasture raised lamb, pork, and chickens done humanely, free of artificial supplements. By cultivating a thriving farm, La Vida Buena Acres ensures that the food on your plate is nutritious, sustaining your family in return.

Raising animals on grass in partnership with the Earth

Echinacea or coneflower is a native flower to Texas prairies
Pigs rotating through pasture and forest.
illustration of native prairie grasses

Our Farm

La Vida Buena Acres started in 2020 on 23 acres of Blackland Prairie that had remained untouched for many years. Located in Barry, Texas just 90 minutes south of Dallas-Ft.Worth, we produce pasture raised eggs, pasture raised pork, and grass-fed lamb using the principles of regenerative agriculture. We are a minority owned small farm dedicated to being a respite for everyone we welcome.

Google Map of La Vida Buena Acres
grass fed sheep

Regenerative Agriculture

Going back to the way nature works is at the heart of regenerative farming and ranching. For many of us, ourselves included, the image of farming and ranching reflected an industrialized model. We strive to bring back a holistic approach that places the health of the ecosystem as our primary anchor. With the use of practices like rotational grazing and minimizing artificial inputs, the ecology and welfare of the farm improves. We do this because it’s important to us, and because a biodynamic environment increases the quality and nutrient density of the food we eat.

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