Pasture Raised Eggs

Chickens are happiest when they're hunting for bugs, spreading their wings, or taking a much needed dust bath. We're grateful to these ladies for the wonderful eggs they produce, and in return we give them the best life possible. 


  • Non-GMO, Non-Soy, Corn-Free Feed
  • Daily access to explore the farm - 8 hrs or more
  • Added nutrition from flowers, plants, and bugs
  • Chicken tractor moved daily to maintain a clean environment
  • Clean nesting box - Clean eggs

Heritage Layers

The eggs found on grocery store shelves are laid by one hybrid chicken. Bred to produce large numbers of eggs over a short life, this chicken fits the factory farm very well.

A heritage Plymouth Barred Rock poult

This breed of hen is NOT suited to a pasture-based farm like LVBA. To bring back the qualities of chicken that can flourish on grass, we looked to one of the original breeds of chicken in the U.S. The Plymouth Barred Rock is inquisitve and clever - they love to roam the farm looking for bugs and plants. Fortunately, they also are smart enough to stay alive by being alert to the many predators they might face.

They also lay beautiful medium- to large-sized eggs almost every day. We've also found that they handle the ups and downs of Texas weather very well. All around they are a wonderful breed, and we hope you'll agree!


illustration of hen in grass