Feeder Piglets


Next Piglets Available April 2024

11 healthy 40-lbs piglets are standing together waiting for food

The best of both worlds!

Our meishan sow is wonderful mother.
  • Red, well-marbled meat
  • Quick growth rate - expected market weight within 6 months from weaning
  • High carcass yield that will fill your freezer and provide for your family
  • A docile demeanor that will be an easy addition to your homestead

$150 ea.

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We farrow piglets throughout the year from our closed herd of sows and boars. These piglets are the sole source of pork for our farm store, and our own dinner table. When supplies allow, we can provide you with feeders to raise on your farm and homestead. 

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Learn more about our holistic practices for raising our pigs in forest and on pasture. 


Mulan is our Meishan sow

Mulan - Meishan

Mulan is a purebred Meishan sow. She is the source for all our piglets, including replacement gilts for LVBA.

She exhibits all the traits you want in a breeding sow:

  • A calm, yet assertive demeanor that allows us to interact with the piglets
  • Large litters with easy deliveries that require no input or pulling
  • 0% loss of piglets from birth to weaning

  • Meishan Genetics

    The Meishan pig is considered a delicacy in China due to it's well marbled, red meat. As a whole they yield a lower percentage of meat as compared to commercial hogs. To balance this, we always cross-breed her to yield piglets with a rich balance of meat and fat.


    Hanz - Iowa Swabian Hall

    Hanz is an Iowa Swabian Hall boar. He is our primary boar, and for good reason.

    The Iowa Swabian Hall breed was developed by Carl Blake to bring the breed characteristics of the German Swabian Hall to the United States. This breed is prized for many reasons:

  • Superior meat quality
  • Quick growth rates similar to commercial breeds - Weaning to Market in ~ 6 months
  • Carcass yields that include large roasts and significant loin and belly
  • A calm, non-agressive demeanor that does not test fencing
  • Hanz is our Iowa Swabian Hall boar
    CBB is our Ozark Mountain Wattle boar

    CBB - Ozark Mountain Wattle

    CBB is an Ozark Mountain Wattle boar, developed by Carl Blake in Missouri.

    The Mountain Wattle has many of the same characteristics as the Iowa Swabian Hall:

  • Superior meat quality
  • Quick growth rates - Weaning to Market in ~ 6 months
  • High carcass yields to fill your freezer
  • A calm and non-agressive demeanor, though a bit more playful.
  • Closed Herd

    Our farrowing operation all started with 1 Meishan sow. Known for their gentle nature and good mothering skills, Meishans are a wonderful breed for a pasture raised operation. 

    Our boars are Iowa Swabian Halls and Ozark Mountain Wattles. When paired together, the resulting piglets represent the best of their parents. The highest quality of pork available in Texas, period. 

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