Pastured Pork

pigs grazing in a meadow of texas native wildflowers

Pigs are the class clowns of the farm, and ours are no exception. We channel the exuberance of the pig into helping us clean up the farm, all while producing that yummy pork we all love. By rotating our swine through forest and pasture they can fully embrace their natural instincts to root and forage. This allows them to supplement the feed we provide with the forage and insects they find on the land. It also helps us by removing overgrowth and exposing the underbrush within the cedar breaks. 


  • Non-GMO, Soy- and Corn-Free feed
  • Rotated through pasture and forest
  • Humanely raised from birth at LVBA


Our pork is rich, marbled like beef, and NOTHING like what you've been led to believe by the grocery aisle.

pastured pork cuts available from La Vida Buena Acres

Whole Pigs

Ordering a whole hog or a half hog is a great way of feeding your family and ensuring food security. It is also a great way of dramatically reducing your cost, as compared to buying the same amount of meat by the cut. 

Reserving a pig from La Vida Buena Acres is a new step for many families - don't worry, we're here to make the process easy. 

Review our FAQ here for more details. 

Pork Yield

The amount of meat that one pig will yield will vary based on the individual size of the animal, and how the animal is butchered. One 270 lb. pig can yield approximately:

  • Hams - 2 (28 lb.)
  • Pork Loin/Pork Chops 1 in. - 24 (23 lb.)
  • Tenderloin - 2
  • Bacon or Fresh Belly - 16 lb.
  • Babyback Ribs - 2 racks
  • Spare Ribs - 2 racks
  • Boston Butt - 4 roasts (20 lb.)
  • Picnic - 4 roasts (16 lb.) 
  • Jowl - 2 (3 lb.)
  • Hocks - 4 (3 lb.)
  • Ground/Sausage - 28 lb.

When ordering a whole- or a half-share you decide how to process the animal. For example, this will include:

  • Pork Chops - Bone-in & width -or- Boneless & Tenderloins
  • Shoulder - Roast -or- Steaks -or- Ground
  • Belly - Fresh -or- Cured & Smoked as Bacon

We walk you through the entire process. In the end you'll receive vacuum packed cuts processed by a USDA inspected butcher.  

cuts of pork diagram

Order Process


  1. Submit request/reservation - $200 Deposit
  2. We will provide a Cut Sheet from our USDA Processor. Complete the form and submit back to us. Selections include sausage links or smoked meats may be an additional cost directly paid to the processor. 
  3. The pig is processed - at this point the final weight and total cost is determined. 
  4. We pickup your order and we'll notify you that it's at the farm, or you can pick it up directly from the processor.
  5. Enjoy!
illustration of sow on grass