Ordering a whole-share or a half-share of an animal can be confusing - we know it was for us. We hope this information helps clarify any specific items you have. Don't be afraid to message us directly with further questions.

How does the cost of your pork compare with grocery stores?

There is no comparison - you cannot currently purchase forested and pasture raised pork in any grocery store, including Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or Central Market. 

We don't compete with the grocery store, and we don't compete with other farmers. We provide the absolute best quality product you can buy, period.

But if we were to compare, are you more expensive?

Yes, no doubt. The cost of raising an animal on pasture is more expensive than in an industrial confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) setting. 

What is a whole-share and a half-share?

Pigs can be purchased as a whole-share - the entire hog - or as a half-share - half of the hog.  

How is the price determined per pound?

Without being grizzly, the weight of the animal is identified at 3 stages: live weight, hanging weight, and retail weight. The live weight is the weight of the pig at the end of its life. We aim for a pig that weighs 270 lbs. The hanging weight is the weight of the animal after slaughter where organs are removed. The hanging weight is approximately 72% the live weight. The retail weight reflects the pork that is yielded once it has been butchered into basic cuts. This reflects roughly 50% of the live weight of the animal, and can be more depending on cut order. 

Industry standard is to price either from live weight (on the hoof) or hanging weight - both weights are provided by our USDA butcher. We prefer the latter. We apply a flat-rate per pound based on hanging weight

The beauty of a half-hog or whole-hog purchase is that the pork belly costs the same as your pork chop! That's a win folks.

How much does processing cost?

We crafted our flat-rate to be easy to understand. Basic processing of your animal is included! That cost gets sent directly to our USDA inspected processor, and amounts to 25% of the total cost.

Selecting additional processing, such as cured meats (bacon, ham hocks, etc.) and flavored sausages (breakfast sausage) are an additional cost paid directly to the processor. When you submit your cut sheet we will walk through these details to ensure you understand everything. 

Can I buy individual cuts of meat?

Yes! Absolutely - we maintain various cuts available for you to purchase online. The prices vary with cut (bacon vs ham) as you experience at the store. 

You're out of stock! Can I pre-order?

You have to be quick folks! The best thing to do is reserve a pig in advance, or reserve specific cuts. Learn more >>

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