Grass-Fed Lamb

Grass 24/7

If our sheep were to have a motto, it would be "Grass 24/7". Through rain, Texas heat, and winter blasts, our flock weathers it all out on the field. We provide ample grass and shelter, while they help recycle the nutrients to the soil.

Sheep grazing a meadow of native texas wildflowers


  • Pasture raised on grass - no supplemental grain
  • Certified Organic Icelandic Kelp, and Loose Minerals provided free-choice for nutrition
  • Rotated daily through fresh pasture

Hair Sheep

We run only hair sheep at LVBA, including a mix of Dorper, Katahdin, and St. Croix breeds. These breeds are resistant to parasites and do very well living on grass. They are also capable mothers - they lamb in the field with only minimal help on our end.

Different from what we naturally think of in sheep, hair sheep do not produce a thick wool that requires shearing. Every spring they shed their winter coat, which often happens in bunches and patches that leaves them looking rather disheveled. 

This is their magic - they do their thing and we enjoy the zen of watching sheep munch on grass. 

hair sheep losing its winter coat
illustration of sheep on grass