Realizing a Dream

Ricardo checks the pig roast once again.

Sunday morning the alarm went off at 5:30 AM. Thankfully we prepared the coffee the night before, so with a switch the water began to percolate. The coffee would only need to sustain us for so long as nerves quickly set in. Today was the day, our first pig roast on the farm!

Ricardo set out to complete the morning chores well before the sun came up, while Shanna started breakfast. The morning quickly moved into high gear as the 100 lbs. pig was removed from its brine ice bath and placed (stuffed really) into the caja china. The 7:30 target of commencing cooking slipped almost unobserved to 8:30.

While charcoals cooked the pig we readied the farm to receive our neighbors and family from Dallas. Soon a trickle of cars turned into a deluge of folks descending onto the farm, many bringing the sides that would sustain everyone as the roast continued beyond its expected end time.

Thankfully the pig emerged perfectly moist, skin browned (chicharron) and crisp. It was a sight that began as a hope when we started our journey. Our goal was to humanely raise food for Rafael (Chipi), and while that original hope has changed, Sunday we did just that for so many others. 

We pride ourselves on HOW we raise our food - from our pasture raised eggs to our lambs and hogs. An animal that began its peaceful life on our farm, also professionally and humanely made its transition here. With grass, sun, and space, this piglet lived the buena vida, out on pasture. That love and care showed up on the plate, and in the smiles of all who were sustained by its sacrifice.