We Understand…Time For A Getaway!

Take in the views with the sheep.

It costs HOW MUCH to do that now? Gas prices are hard to swallow and shrinkflation is a real thing. House prices are sky high and rates are on the rise, again. We get it…sometimes it all seems a little too much. So, what do we do to shake it off? We go outside. And if it’s too hot to go outside in the middle of the day, we at least look outside and take a breath. 

The views out here are so calming. The cardinals are flying about. The bluejays try to take over. Our guinea fowl run around in search for the tastiest bugs. The one squirrel thinks he is slick and tries to steal the bird seed out of the feeder. All of the hens run around like easily distracted raptors. Our livestock guardian dog, El Guapo, is probably lying around waiting for treats and playtime. Some of the sheep are probably resting, while the lambs are getting into mischief. And let’s not forget about the breeder pigs. The big boys, Hanz and Clint Black Boggz, are just waiting in the trees for the slightest hint that someone is coming with food and will then snort and run right towards them. Mulan, our sow, is either slowly waddling about or wallowing in her mud pit, hoping to give birth to the gaggle of piglets she’s growing. Of course, if it happens to be early morning or later in the evening you get those epic sunrises and sunsets you know your loved ones in heaven painted just for you.

Guineas patrol the farm cleaning up after the sheep.

Being out in the countryside is therapeutic simply by being away from the noise and din of city life. You too can and should come enjoy what country life has to offer, if even for just a quick taste. We understand…and so will you. No need to spend a lot on gas or flights. La Vida Buena Acres is only 2.5 hours from Houston, one hour from Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco. When it’s time for a quick getaway, we’ll be here waiting to welcome you with your own tiny cabin and peaceful scenery. See you soon!